Ngx-admin Free Bootstrap Admin Theme Based on Angular 7+, Bootstrap 4 and Nebular


Ngx-admin Free Bootstrap Admin Theme Based on Angular 7+, Bootstrap 4 and Nebular

With more than 15,000 stars on GitHub ngx-admin is one of the most popular Angular Open Source projects. The template comes with 3 beautiful visual themes (cosmic, light, corporate), 2 dashboards (IoT and E-commerce) and more than 40 pages. Dozens of general purpose components were also moved to a separate package called Nebular which is available for installation via npm. The project has quite comprehensive online documentation and community support on GitHub. The template has ongoing progress and maintenance by Akveo team.

Ngx-admin team is well recognized in the Angular community. They are also collaborating with Angular team, publish posts in Angular blog. ngx-admin is completely free for commercial purposes, because it is MIT licensed. As a conclusion, the template has a solid code, therefore, it’s perfect both outside and inside.

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According to our research, ready Backend Bundle optimizes around 300 hours of development time. Fits for both personal and commercial needed. Also, you get 1year support and bug fixes on request".

Main Features

Angular 7+ & Typescript
Bootstrap 4+ & SCSS
Responsive layout
RTL support
High resolution
Flexibly configurable themes with hot-reload (3 themes included)
Authentication module with multiple providers
40+ Angular Components
60+ Usage Examples